Erin and Howard are truly phenomenal. They have helped us better understand our relationship and how we want it to grow. We have new shared language to support each other and to work through challenges that arise. We feel lucky because the focus is not about what's wrong with our relationship, but how can we cultivate a healthier relationship. They have allowed us to bring more intentionality and awareness which allows us to feel more fulfilled, more seen and understood. Thank you both so much!! We are so grateful.

- Anna Murphy and Tali Laifer

​When we found ourselves a couple of years into empty-nest hood, we decided to shake things up and seek some guidance.  We chose Howard and Erin because we knew they are committed to their own marriage and they understood that we were committed to ours.

​After listening for a good chunk of time to what we were seeking, they offered up a smorgasbord of options.  They helped us explore them all, and then spend time with the ones that resonated with us.  They helped us find a common language and helped us develop a voice that is personal to us; one that we can use going forward as we scheme and dream about what our life together might be like now that our kids are grown.

Best of all, rather than feeling uncomfortable (although there certainly were times) or like work, we loved this experience.  It was fun and light and productive.

We both highly recommend working with Howard and Erin for any couple looking to add something to what is already good.  We aren't all born with the skills to do this - and Howard and Erin help with that.

— Julie and Rich Laracy

​Coaching with Erin and Howard was a transformative experience that offered a positive growth journey inward, outward and deeper into our relationship as its own entity. Howard and Erin partnered with us on an amazing journey of self-improvement and achieving our goals. They focused on our strengths, challenged us, and added a good dose of humor. Conversations with both Erin and Howard are easygoing. You choose the directions and they bring to light issues and thought process that you may not be aware of. It’s as easy as meeting an old friend for a cup of coffee, it’s just the coffee transforms you into a more aware person for all aspects of your life. 

We are both so grateful for the insight and nudges that propelled us towards our goals with clarity and purpose.

— Chris Randall and Christy Mackie

​We have both been challenged, moved and inspired by working with Howard and Erin.  As a young couple with a very full life, with two small children, a dog and full careers, we have appreciated the opportunity to explore patterns of thinking and behaviors in our relationship.  Using a coaching framework with Howard and Erin has allowed us to feel more connection, greater sense of choice and opportunity for ourselves as individuals and as a couple and a greater sense of resonance for what we want to create together and as a family.  Some of what we have loved most about working with them has been the flexibility and ease of connecting as well as their ability to help us integrate emotions and good reflective questions into our decision-making.  Being in a relationship for almost ten years brings with it much joy and at times good challenges. Having Erin and Howard support us in navigating how we want to be in the next decade of our relationship has been enriching and invigorating. 

— Megan Conway and Cameron Scott