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Getting Started

Re-energize and reclaim the relationship you know is possible.  The journey you and your partner are considering taking together is powerful and transformational, and we’re very excited to help lead the way.

What to Expect

We start with "designing our alliance."  This is where we get clear on the agreements you'll both make around how you want to be with each other for the upcoming sessions. Next, we'll identify specific challenges in your relationship.  We'll get clear on where your relationship is currently and help you begin to create a vision for where you want it to be.  Using this shared vision, we'll nail down some concrete goals to keep the coaching meaningful and focused.

At the end of each session, you'll leave with homework. This can include practicing new ways to communicate, taking steps to enhance connection and intimacy, and exploring new ways to have fun (pillow fight anyone?) and celebrate each other. The homework will always be specifically related to your relationship and involve a commitment to making real what you are learning.

We spend a lot of time helping you realize and connect to your shared values, what drives you individually, and what drives the relationship, what we call the “Third Entity."

We'll also spend time helping you see how your "gremlins" (a.ka. negative self talking monsters) are keeping you disconnected from your relationship.  You'll learn how to kick them to the curb and get your "higher selves" back together driving the relationship bus. 

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How it Works

Your first couples coaching session will be a  discovery session to get clear on your values and goals. Following that, you and your partner meet with us twice per month either in-person, over zoom, or over the phone; each session is 60 minutes.  And, if we go over or under a bit, we don't sweat it.  We don't put your needs on a strict clock. In between sessions, we include spot coaching via email/phone as necessary.  Stuff happens in between calls, and we are here to support you at those times as well.

We offer a variety of 3, 6, and 12 month coaching packages specifically tailored to your relationship's needs.  And, if you're not sure if a package is right for you, no problem.  You can take it month to month. Whatever you decide, we do strongly suggest that a couple commit to a minimum of 6 sessions over a period of 3 months. Our clients find this is the sweet spot to begin realizing SUSTAINABLE RESULTS.​

Get in touch today and let’s get started.


New Relationships
Building a Strong Foundation

This package is for you if you want to:

  • Be intentional from the beginning about creating the relationship you want
  • Explore how you want “To Be” in relationship together
  • Commit to practices that will keep you connected
  • Learn how to communicate in ways that will sustain your relationship

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The Honey-Moon is Over
What’s Next?

This package is for you if you want to:

  • Create a relationship sustained by deep commitment and love as you notice the initial intensity of your connection changing.
  • Strengthen your relationship by learning tools to get through challenges you initially ignored.
  • Become aware and lessen the negative impact of limiting beliefs getting in the way of a deeper experience of intimacy, joy, and fun.
  • Get connected to shared values that will serve as guideposts for creating what your relationship wants next for you.

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The Family’s Growing / Parents are Aging
Staying Connected to Each Other

This package is for you if you want to:

  • Create time and space for just the two of you knowing that your relationship needs to be nurtured
  • Become aware of communication habits that aren’t serving you and learn to communicate for connection.
  • Free yourself from “role nausea” and develop new, energizing ways to give your family AND YOUR RELATIONSHIP what it needs
  • Bring more honesty and intimacy to your relationship by freeing yourself from the clutter of assumptions.

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Empty Nesting
Who Are We Now?

This package is for you if you want to:

  • Be intentional about creating a new life together now that the kids are gone.
  • Dream together and create a vision for what’s possible.
  • Embrace the unknown with a spirit of adventure, discovery, and fun.
  • Reconnect through new rituals and expressions of intimacy.

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Entrepreneurial Couples
In Love and In Business

This package is for you if you want to:

  • Keep your Relationship AND Your Business alive and flourishing
  • Get clear on roles and responsibilities
  • Stay Connected amidst the swirl of competing demands
  • Communicate with more common purpose and less stress

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Package Pricing

All of our packages are offered as 3, 6, and 12 month coaching programs.

Pay up front and save 5%-15% off of monthly rate of $600

  • 3 Month Package $1710 5% savings
  • 6 Month Package $3240 10% savings
  • 12 Month Package $6120 15% savings

Prefer to pay month to month at $600/month? Not a problem, and The 12 month package includes the 12th month free when paying monthly.

Not sure of which package would work best for you? Contact Us, and we will work with you to customize a package that would work best for you.