What is Couples Coaching Anyway?


We’re so glad you asked!  Couples coaching helps you get clear on how you want your relationship to be and take action to make it happen. 

Couples Coaching focuses on the relationship.  It begins where the relationship is right here, right now in the present with a strong inclination towards creating a more fulfilling future. 

Couples coaching is not therapy.  Therapy has great value, and it’s not coaching.

Couples coaching helps you connect to your own wisdom as a source of TRANSFORMATIONAL AND SUSTAINABLE CHANGE. 

Couples coaching doesn’t look at your relationship as a problem that needs to be fixed. Sure, couples coaching will help you get into action around goals.  AND, it will always have an eye turned towards deepening your self-awareness, and the awareness you have about each other and the relationship, so you can take action that will change your relationship for the better. 

Therapy often works to heal emotional wounds by gaining a better understanding of how the past has influenced who the client is today.  Couples often seek therapy when their relationship is in serious jeopardy.  Therapy can also involve working with mental illness.  Couples coaching doesn’t treat mental illness, nor does it primarily seek to heal emotional wounds, although emotional healing can occur. 

Couples coaching works with partners in committed, loving relationships who are both solid in knowing they want their relationship to work.

The relationship between the couple and coach is a partnership. Your agenda, not the coach’s agenda, is the focus of service.  Couples that come to couples coaching generally feel stuck in some way. They have become focused on the day to day grind, their to-do lists, their careers, and the needs of family and friends.  They often feel they have lost their way and have a cloudy vision of their future.

Couples come to couples coaching because they want to make their relationship a top priority.  They want to feel alive and energized in their relationship. They want to develop a plan for their relationship that includes more purpose, joy, fun, connection, and intimacy.

Bottom Line: Couples Coaching is a place to breathe new life into your relationship so that you can shift your relationship from where it is to where you want it to be.

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